Ambong-Ambong Jobs Vacancies 2020.
Candidates who search for new hotel / resort job in Malaysia 2020 are welcome to apply below vacant positions.

Jawatan kosong Ambong-Ambong 2020.
Sesiapa yang sedang mencari pekerjaan, minat dan passion terhadap industri hotel, dipersilakan untuk memohon kekosongan jawatan Ambong-Ambong terkini.

Greetings from Ambong-Ambong

Langkawi Rainforest Sdn Bhd owns and operates 2 hotels in Langkawi, Ambong-Ambong Rainforest Retreat and Ambong Pool Villas.

Ambong-Ambong Rainforest Retreat was voted the #1 small hotel in Malaysia on Tripadvisor in 2019, while Ambong Pool Villas is currently ranked the top hotel in Langkawi on Tripadvisor.

Ambong-Ambong Vacancies 2020

Below are the list of vacancies available from Ambong-Ambong this month 2020.

Live at Ambong Pool Villas Langkawi, a boutique eco-conscious resort surrounded by the rainforest on a stunning property overlooking the Andaman sea.

Work with a young, positive and dynamic team, with a high level of discipline and attention to detail, a demand for excellence, eager to learn and always pushing the boundaries.

Ambong-Ambong is currently looking to recruit the following positions:


Job Description
A. General
1.Ambong-Ambong owns and manages 2 boutique properties under the Ambong-Ambong brand.
2.Though the properties are new and small (with 20 rooms in total), Ambong Rainforest Retreat (“ARR”) and Ambong Pool Villas (“APV”) are highly rated (currently ranked #3 and #1 respectively on TripAdvisor’s top hotels in Langkawi) and very successful, having built a strong reputation as exceptional resorts built in environmentally sensitive areas while offering a unique style of hospitality and guest care.
3.Ambong-Ambong is also on the verge of a major expansion that will almost double its size.
4.The GM is to build upon these strengths and achievements.
5.Reporting to the MD, the GM will have overall responsibilities for all the activities and operations of Ambong-Ambong and the properties managed under the brand, to ensure that both properties retain their positions and reputations as outstanding hotels that are viable and profitable.
6.In particular, the GM is directly responsible for the operations and performance of the following functions and departments: i) Marketing & Events ii) Reservations & Guest Correspondence iii) Housekeeping and General Maintenance iv) Security v) Finance & Admin vi) HR, vii) Front Office & Guest Relations, viii) Liaison with local authorities.
7.In addition to the above, the GM will work closely with the following managers i) Resort Manager APV, ii) Resort Manager ARR, iii) F&B Manager, to ensure the operations and performance of ARR, APV, and the F&B outlets (Rimba, Monsoon and The Good Earth Café) are profitable and operating in compliance with Ambong-Ambong written SOP’s.
8.The GM has primary responsibility for the well-being of all Ambong-Ambong guests, and is expected to attend to guests personally on a daily basis.
9.The Company is extremely particular with its ranking vis-a-vis other hotels & restaurants and the GM is expected to regard this as a major responsibility.
B.Marketing & Events
1.The GM (supported by the Marketing & Events Manager) will have overall responsibility for marketing and revenue management for both ARR and APV.
2.In this respect the GM is expected to be well informed of the latest tourism trends and markets, including the room rates of competitors so as to remain competitive.
C.Reservations & Guest Correspondence
1.The GM (supported by the Reservations team) is expected to oversee the handling of reservations and guest correspondence and ensuring that these are done in compliance with Ambong-Ambong’s internal SOP’s and that all correspondence is attended to within the stipulated timeframes.
2.The GM is expected to keep himself informed of, and to reply all comments on social media and other public platforms where necessary including the replying of Tripadvisor reviews (supported by the respective Resort Manager and F&B Manager).
D.Housekeeping and General Maintenance.
1.The GM is responsible to ensure that all guest rooms are maintained to the highest standards at all times, that all furniture, lights and fittings are in good condition and that all defects, no matter how trivial, will be attended to immediately.
2.The GM must procure or authorize the procurement of services, spares, equipment or tools to ensure that all rooms and facilities are maintained in an immaculate condition at all times.
3.This includes the regular inspection and maintenance of the trees and gardens.
4.Termites, mosquitoes and other pests are a perennial problem and the GM must ensure that all steps are taken, including the use of 3rd parties, to keep these under control.
5.The GM must ensure that the Housekeeping and General Maintenance inventory management is operating in compliance with the Ambong-Ambong SOP’s.
E.Administration, Finance, Budgeting & Expenses
1.Assisted by the Finance & Admin manager, the GM is required to prepare and present to the directors, through the MD, the monthly management financial reports by profit center including each department.
2.The GM is required to maintain a close supervision of all outgoing expenses to ensure that these are kept to a minimum and there are no wastages.
3.The GM is responsible for ensuring that all operations are in compliance with Ambong-Ambong SOP’s.
4.By September of every year, the annual budget for the following year has to be presented to the MD. Detailed analysis including projections plus detailed costs of operations by departments have to be discussed with each respective HOD and submitted to the MD.
5.The GM must ensure that the office(s) are run efficiently and in accordance with the Ambong-Ambong SOP’s, and that files and records are maintained and kept properly and safely.
F.Security (including Fire Security)
1.The GM (supported by contracted security firm) is responsible for the overall security of both resorts (including vehicles), guests & their properties and staff.
2.The GM must ensure that all fire prevention & fighting facilities are in good order and that the staff are trained and ready to handle all fire emergencies.
G.HR and Staff Discilpline
1.The GM must provide good & exemplary leadership to motivate staff to perform at their best as a team at all times.
2.The GM is also expected to provide appropriate on-the-job staff training and recommend external staff training courses, if necessary.
3.The GM is responsible for the overall handling of all HR matters and staff discipline.
H.Front Office & Guest Relations
1.Bearing in mind the importance of proper treatment of all guests from the time of first contact by email or phone, to first face-to-face meeting to the time they are guests in residence until they check out, this is by far the most important function of the GM.
2.In this respect the GM must be conscious of the unique way in which Ambong-Ambong guests are handled.
3.The GM, working closely with the Resort Manager, will be fully responsible for the Front Office teams and where possible will do check-ins for VIP and VVIP guests. The GM must ensure that VVIP guests are handled in accordance with the SOP.
4.The GM is expected to give all guests personal attention, getting to know their names, their personal likes and dislikes, and spend as much time as possible with them to attend to their needs. It is also the GM’s responsibility to ensure that all staff, especially the Front Office and F&B staff will adopt the same attitude. In this important respect the GM is expected to lead by example.
5.The GM will host regular cocktail parties for guests.
6.The GM is expected to identify VIP and VVIP bookings and single out for special attention, planning and coordinating with all relevant departments to ensure an outstanding experience for the guest, including taking guests out for dinner and/or other activities.
7.The GM is required to ensure that proper records of guests (dates of stay, rooms, preferences & dislikes, personal data, other relevant details etc) are kept for quick future reference.
1.The GM will work closely with the F&B Manager to oversee all F&B activities and operations for 3 outlets, Rimba, Monsoon and The Good Earth Café. This includes room service operation.
2.The GM must ensure that all menus (including special in-villa menus) and wine lists are relevant, popular and up-to-date.
3.The GM (with the support of the F&B manager) must ensure that all F&B inventory is maintained in accordance with the SOP.
4.The GM must ensure that the overall F&B department is operating in compliance with the Ambong-Ambong SOP’s.
J.Liaison with Local Authorities
1. The GM must maintain close relations with all local authorities, Police, Customs, Fire Department etc, to ensure that the operations of the hotel is not compromised in any way.
Candidate must possess at least Professional Certificate, Bachelor’s Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree, Diploma/Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma
At least 10 Year(s) of working experience in the related field
Required Skill(s):
Preferably Senior Executive specialized in Hotel Management/Tourism Services or equivalent.
Candidate will act as a Hotel Manager for this job position.

How To Apply Ambong-Ambong Jobs ?

All qualified candidates who interest on above jobs, are welcome to apply. Please forward your latest resume using below procedures.
To apply for this job please refer to this link.

Address: Jalan Pantai Tengah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-955 8428

Note: Only suitable candidates will be contacted for next interview and hiring process.


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